Oasis Blog Series - Part 2: 5 Can't miss things to do on Oasis of the Seas

The Oasis class of ships are the largest and most innovative passenger ships ever built, one has to wonder what are a few things I absolutely cannot miss when I am onboard? I have only been on Oasis so I can speak from experience there but for her sister, I will refer you to my previous post about Allure.

Oasis of the Seas:

Debuting in 2009, Oasis of the Seas was the largest passenger ship ever built. She dwarfs other cruise ships by 80,000 tons and stunned the world by her innovation, guest space ration (space per guest) and amazing luxurious design. So What are the 5 must see or must do things on this 225,000-ton beauty?

1.) Central Park: Without a doubt, my favorite spot on any cruise ship is Central Park. Here you can sit amongst 12,000 live plant species while listening to a violinist, have a cup of coffee, read a book or simply stroll through the upscale shopping. Open to the sky above this is the best place to get a bit of sun without having to worry about the craziness that comes along with the pool deck. Nestled right in Central Park is a cruising hack, the Park Café. Located right in the middle of Central Park is the Park Café, as soon as you board Oasis you are going to think “buffet, buffet, buffet” after you get over the awe of the Royal Promenade you have a chance to take advantage of a cruise hack. Skip the elevators and walk up three decks to deck 8, central park will open up in front of you and here is where you will avoid all the other 5900 hungry guests. Park Café is open for Breakfast. Lunch and dinner check the hours on board.

2. Rising Tide Bar: If this already is not on your must see list you have not properly prepared yourself enough for this ship. Located to the rear of the Royal Promenade is going to be this oval shaped, large fountain, or so it will seem that’s what it is when you first step onto this ship, that is the landing area for the rising tide bar. Elevating three decks from the promenade to Central Park, this park is the perfect place to grab and people watch, especially when those people are pressed up against the glass amazed at how the bar is actually moving.

3. Aqua Theater: When you are planning your entertainment itinerary before you board, make a reservation for this show. This show is without a doubt the most innovative show at sea. Where else can you see a high dive show while cruising to your next destination? During the day as you enjoy all that the boardwalk has to offer you might be able to catch a rehearsal happening and they are always happy to have you watch. An amazing experience that happened while onboard: I took a night stroll through the ship at about 10 pm and found myself looking up at the stars while sitting in the aqua theater. Then suddenly I watched as the fountains began outing on a show just for me. I would say it was a coincidence but knowing the Royal Caribbean Family I have a feeling someone might have flipped the switch to create a #royalWOW moment.

4. Diamond lounge:

If you are a diamond member or above, the diamond lounge onboard Oasis and Allure are incredible spaces where you will not find too many people. Located just above Dazzles nightclub on Deck 11 this lounge overlooks the Boardwalk and the ocean. This lounge is 2 decks complete with an espresso machine, munchies, cocktails at certain hours, and the diamond concierge. Here you can invite all your diamond member friends and family for a nice conversation or play a game of cards while enjoying a spectacular view. (You can also be like me and brag about it to your non-diamond member family)

5. Parties in the Solarium: Every week long cruise 2 parties are held in the Solarium for adults only. These are the best parties; everyone who is 18 or older absolutely needs to be there to dance the night away under the stars. Enjoy a DJ, dancers, and drinks long into the night! P.S. After you leave the party at 2 A.M. Sorrento’s on the Promenade will still be open, just in case you’re hungry.

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