Leap Day

Leap Day!

It’s a new day just like every other one but it’s different. It’s a full extra 24 hours to do whatever you want. Even though if you were on a cruise this week that doesn’t mean you get an extra day for free, what if it did? What would you do onboard a cruise if you got one free extra day? I have always hoped for this and here are a few things I would do if I had a free extra 24 hours on a cruise:

  1. Defiantly pull a Jack and scream, “ I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD” at the very tip of the bow because why not.

  2. Go to the “Future Cruise Sales” desk and spend the majority of the afternoon figuring out what cruise I want to do next. Normally I will not do this because I don’t want to spend any of my vacation sitting inside booking a trip, I would rather enjoy the one I am on.

  3. Spend the entire day sunbathing. Usually I will only spend a small amount of time sunbathing because I just can’t sit still on a cruise because I just want to do everything.

  4. Have a eating spree and try all restaurants I usually miss onboard. When it comes to dining on a cruise you certainly are not limited so usually you will miss a few places but with one free day I would go to the ones I usually skip over, then regret not going to.

  5. Map out the best photo spots on the cruise ship. Something I have always thought to do but have never actually done I always want to go to the best picture spots on the ship but some of them are hidden. So maybe it’s time to create a map.

What would you do with a free 24 hours on a cruise ship? If only that would happen.

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