Post Cruise Depression

Symptoms of Post Cruise Depression:

We have all experienced post cruise depression and no matter how hard you try to deny it you know its true. But how can you tell if you are suffering from post cruise depression?

Below are a few symptoms to look for if you believe that you are experiencing post cruise depression:

  1. You have gotten off a cruise recently. This could be anywhere from a few hours to 364 days.

  2. You find yourself thinking about your last cruise vacation more than thinking about breathing, eating or drinking.

  3. You find yourself spending 30 out of the 40 hour work week looking at cruise deals, watching cruise ship videos, calculating the amount it will be to go on your next cruise or you are reading a blog about cruises (yea I’m talking about you).

  4. You refuse to unpack your suitcase from your last cruise even though it’s been five months.

  5. You find yourself skipping family or friend get togethers because you are in just utter disbelief that you are no longer on a cruise.

  6. You look at your retirement account to see if you can retire within the next year so you can cruise for the rest of your life. I’m sorry but no you cannot retire at 25- sorry fellow millennials :(

  7. You lock yourself in your room and just start crying because you can no longer function in everyday life because you would rather be eating amazing food, laying on the beach, drinking frozen cocktails, or looking out over the never ending ocean view from your balcony.

WARNING: If you live in an area that experiences extreme winter temperatures these symptoms might be exemplified by 1000%

Cure: Book a cruise immediately by contacting your travel agent, going to your favorite cruise line’s website or ask your favorite cruise expert **cough** for advice on how to cruise more than once a year.

Some of my favorite lines to book on to cure cruise depression

For my US friends

Royal Caribbean


Norwegian Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line

Princess Cruises

MSC- Divina

For my friends in Britain



For my European friends


Mein Shciff





My Australian Mates

P&O Australia

Royal Caribbean International

For my Asian friends

Royal Caribbean International

I need help choosing the perfect cruise line for my vacation!

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