Reasons to Sail on Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line is part of the largest cruise company in the world, Carnival Corporation. Over the past few year Carnival Cruises has gone through some very rough times and horrible press but has sailed through the rough seas and is sailing to the light.

Besides the fact that Carnival has earned the title of "Most Popular Cruise Line" here are a few more reasons to sail with Carnival Cruises:

1. Ships

Carnival has 24 ships to choose from making choosing the best ship for you and your cursing needs that much easier. Carnival's ships range from 70,000 GRT with 2,606 guests to 133,000 GRT with 4,977 guests. Each Carnival ship has it's own personality and each class has a different look and special amenity that will cater to guests of all ages.

2. Watersides

Many cruise lines have jumped on the waterside band wagon but Carnival has always known that sun+watersides+cruise= happiness. On Carnival you will find some of the largest waterside parks at sea.

3. Diversity of Staterooms:

With Carnival you can choose from a plethora of Stateroom options( depending on the ship). Go with your friends and save money by booking a interior cabin, bring the family and book a Havana cabin, bring that special someone and book a Cloud 9 Spa cabin and enjoy all the luxuries of "floating on a cloud" or splurge a little and book a suite to truly enjoy the sweet life.

4. Onboard Features:

Carnival is always focused on innovating and bringing amazing amenities to sea. When you book a Carnival Cruise you can find:

Skyride: Peddle your way above the all new Carnival Vista and enjoy the most breathtaking panoramic views.

Thrill Theater: Enjoy 3D movies while sailing the high seas and experience spine tingling adventures.

Dr Seuss: Carnival is the only cruise line where you will find your favorite Dr. Suess characters (even though they are meant for kids you know my 23 year old self is first in line to take pictures with them)

…. and so much more!

Carnival Cruise Line is a main cruise line if you are traveling with a family, on your honeymoon, with friends and the best part you can have the luxuries of a top notch cruise on a budget.

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