Preparing for a Cruise

If you have been on a cruise before you know that preparation begins the day after you book it, whether that be 2 months or 2 years before your embarkation date. With roughly 90 days left until my cruise onboard Harmony of the Seas preparations are in full swing. Below is a cruise preparation checklist that might be familiar to you.

1. Begin new workout routine- MUST LOOK AWESOME IN BATHING SUIT

2. Buy new clothes- because why should I wear the same old clothes on a vacation I have been waiting on forever, I deserve new clothes.

3. Log into Cruise Planner to have your email start reminding you that your cruise is getting closer every day

a. Look through all the additional purchases you can make to make your cruise even better than it will already be.

b. If you are 21 and you plan on drinking during your cruise buy your drink package so you can start planning on how many drinks a day you need to drink to make it worth it- it's worth it

c. If you are tired of eating in the buffet and dining room every day buy a specialty dining package and discover those non-included restaurants.

d. SPA- buy all the SPA treatments, because why not you’re on vacation.

e. Internet- don’t buy it you’re on vacation enjoy being disconnected.

f. Shore excursions- Browse but don’t buy until you get to the ship because unfortunately, Mother Nature is not always on our side.

4. If you live someplace where it gets cold enough to pack away the shorts, bathing suits, t-shirts, etc., then make sure you pull out those clothes at least a month before to make sure you have everything you need.

5. Phones- with cameras being a thing of the past you need to make sure your phone has more than enough storage to fit the 10,000 pictures you will be taking while on vacation.

6. Make sure your airfare is booked, if necessary. If you booked your cruise more than a year out that most likely means you have to wait for the airfare to become available. Due to this, the top of your preparation list should be buying your airfare as early as possible to save on cost.

Cruise preparations are endless and are exhausting but it will all be worth it when you set foot on your ship and take that first sip of your margarita!

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