Do you have everything you need ?

The day before you leave for your cruise, if you have been on a cruise, you know how exhausting it could be. To make this day less exhausting and stressful for myself I work off a checklist and plan my day from start to finish to insure everything that needs to get done is done before I leave.


1) Check in for flight:

Being a loyal Southwest Airlines flyer, I have to check in 24 prior to departure. Due to the fact that I typically fly in the morning, this is the first check off the list and my motivation to wake up as early as possible.

2) Purchase any clothes that you might still need:

While packing through the week I make a list of clothes that I still need. The day before I leave and make a strategic list of the stores to get to for those clothes. (Keep in mind the time of year. If you are a New Englander, bathing suits are a little difficult to find from September- mid January so plan accordingly).

3) Finish up any work/ school work:

If you have any work or school work that is due before you return home make sure it is done before you leave. Once you step foot on that plane you are on vacation and we all know that work is not getting done.

4) Cosmetics:

Haircuts, eyebrows, nails etc. Get these done before you leave or pay the very high price of getting these done onboard.

5) Documents:

Print all your travel documents. Set Sail Passes, cruise luggage tags, flight confirmations etc.

What documentation should you have?

Here are the documents I recommend you have for your travels:

1) Passport

2) Flight boarding pass. Take advantage of being able to have your boarding pass on your smartphone, less to carry.

3) Set Sail pass. If you did online check in for your cruise (which you should) make sure your set sail pass or cruise ticket is printed and ready to go.

4) Cruise luggage tags. Many cruise lines have stopped mailing luggage tags to passengers and have made them available online before you leave home you should have these printed and ready to go.

6) Go to the bank:

While you are on board you do not need cash for any reason except the casino. Make sure you have cash with you on the islands, most places do not take cards and a majority of the local places you will be visiting are small businesses so try to avoid having them pay a credit card fee. Do not forget to set your travel alert on any credit cards you might be taking with you.

7) Make a morning checklist:

If you are leaving on an early morning flight get a post-it note and write down the last minute things you absolutely cannot forget, such as your phone. Make sure to stick that note in a place that you absolutely will not miss.

Making a plan is the best way to make the day before you leave far less stressful and make the best of y\

our vacation. \

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