Skip the gifts and get on a Ship

The holidays are upon us and shopping is in full swing to buy the latest trend, the best toy, a gag gift and whatever else you can think about. Fast forward to that special day (or days) open the nicely wrapped box, get excited over whatever is inside and forget about it within a month. Let's be honest with ourselves we have all done this. Is there a better gift we can give to our loved ones during the holiday season, perhaps one that doesn't require us to stand in a mile long line the night before?

A cruise for the Holidays, interesting to think about, instead of buying a ton of presents that are going to be used for maybe a few week or months buy an experience that will last a lifetime.

Affordability: Holidays are expensive, trust me I know.

We all know that we set budgets for the holidays, but how many of us stick to them? One week into December you might realize that you were over your budget before December even started, and now you have to plan for probably another $1,000.00 to $1,500.00. I'm a millennial, and the money that I was going use to buy another useless gift should probably be going to pay for the loans I took out to educate myself ( I know you are shaking your head in agreement right now). Instead of spending at least $2,500.00 plus to buy more presents use it for your next cruise.


The holidays are fantastic, memories are made during this time, and that is what will always remain about those holidays, not the gadget you got cousin Billy that he re-gifted to his friend for his birthday. So recreate that memory making time by gifting a family cruise to everyone. Make memories, travel to different destinations and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Tips: How do I go about doing this: This is surprisingly the easy part. First, contact your travel agent or even better click here and have them find the perfect cruise for you and your family and get your price quote. Next, tell your family that instead of exchanging gifts this year that the money can be used to go on a cruise sometime later in the year. This way you can have a holiday season and continue those traditions, to continue the gift-giving tradition download a voucher to give to the kids to surprise them and possibly the grandparents because we all could use a surprise!

Organization is key: Make sure your travel agent knows the main point of contact for each reservation, (each family). Planning a trip for the whole family is not easy especially when everyone has different schedules so leave the planning up to the travel agent to avoid miscommunication or repayments to each other. The best thing about a travel agent is that all you have to do is pay for your vacation nothing more and they take care of EVERYTHING.

So make the holidays easier and less costly this year or start planning for next year!

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