Must Packs! 3- Minute Read

Ok, your cruise is almost here, and it is time to start making sure you have everything you need. But wait, airlines charge for luggage, so the thought of taking all your summer wardrobe is now crushed! You start going through the clothes that you planned on taking, and you take the unnecessary items and make a "can't fit" pile😥 . You pack your bag and finally realize, you need to take some of those clothes that are in your "can't fit pile" sound familiar? I used to do this with every cruise I went on, then I was enlightened by the Amazon Gods!

Packing Cubes:

I heard of packing cubes before but never personally used them, and now that I do I do not know how I ever packed a suitcase without them! Regardless of if you travel alone or with a few kids, packing cubes are the ONLY way to pack stress free! Try them for yourself with this handy link below! If you travel with kids, by yourself or with just one other I definitely suggest the nine piece! This could save you enough room in your luggage to take one or two less pieces! Click the pic below to purchase!

Tech Age Traveling:

Traveling in 2018 means we are all carrying a lot of electronics. Cell phone. laptop, professional grade camera, iPads, Kindles, go pros and the list goes on. So let's all agree that the average cruise couple in 2018 probably has about eight electronics to charge while onboard, we all know that there are nowhere near eight outlets in your cabin so how are you going to charge those electronics we all love to hate? Easy, simply click below to get your hands on your new best travel buddy and charge up to 5 different devices at the same time, and yes it is much smaller than your dad's power strip! This Belkin Surge Pro has gotten me through four cruises so far and is going strong, for $15 U.S.D. you will not regret it! Click the pic below to purchase!

While on the "technology" subject, we all know that cell phone batteries might not last that long, or maybe that GoPro that only has 90 minutes of battery life just is not going to do. Getting a new cell phone or camera probably is not the best idea, so are you just going to let picture-worthy moments just slip away? Of course not, you are going to bring your awesome new Mophie portable charger and for $19 U.S.D why wouldn't you? This device will charge any mobile device as long as you have the wire to plug it in! Comparable Mophie devices are usually around $100 U.S.D. so how about you save the extra $81 and put it toward your beverage package!

Solution to those GOD AWFUL paper luggage tags:

Remember when you would have to check in for your cruise online weeks in advance and the cruise line sent you awesome luggage tags, well times charge. Printable luggage tags are now "all the rage" and we all love to travel with mini staplers or tape to attach them to our luggage the night before! If you want to skip the arts and crafts project you typically have to endure to get your cruise luggage tags on, then these plastic luggage tags that are made specifically for cruises are what you need! Click below to get yours!

The luggage tags below are best for Royal, Celebrity, and Norwegian

The luggage tags here are more for Carnival owned cruise lines!

Now let's go on to some of my favorite Amazon purchases from the past that have made my travels 100% easier!

This amazing toiletry bag that fits a lot but collapses down to make packing easier! Click the pic below to purchase!

The worlds most amazing selfie stick that doubles as a tripod! If you are a solo traveler or are traveling with just two people click below to buy this amazing gadget!

The best travel bag that can double as a gym back for those horrible times when you are not on a cruise. Click the pic below to purchase!

These are just some tricks i have picked up after 27 cruises hopefully you will find them useful too! If you choose to purchase any of these products please use the links above, it will not cost you any more but you will help Cruise Ship Crayz by doing so!

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