Man Jumps from Symphony of the Seas

As many of you are aware, there is currently a video circulating of a young man leaping from his 11th deck balcony, onboard Symphony of the Seas, to the water below. As now explained, Nick Naydev, jumped from his balcony while docked in Nassau, Bahamas trying to "just get a laugh from his buddies" and expected to swim to shore and continue his vacation. To Nicks surprise, he was immediately picked up by a small boat and escorted by authorities back onto the ship where he and his "buddies" were interrogated for three hours then finally being removed from the Symphony. Royal Caribbean has ban Nick and his friends from ever sailing onboard the cruise line again stating that "This was stupid and reckless behavior, and he and his companions have been banned from ever sailing with us again." Additionally, Royal Caribbean is looking into legal actions again Nick.

Not only was this act incredibly reckless and simply stupid but in horribly poor taste after a 16-year-old fell to his death off the Harmony while trying to access his room on September 11th in Labadee, Haiti. I discourage anybody from partaking in reckless behavior such as this for the simple fact of injuring or killing yourself but for the repercussions that follow. After a stunt like this not only do you risk the chance of arrest but you are in breach of your cruise contract. This means that not only can the cruise line remove you from the ship and ban you from the cruise line with no refund for your cruise they can also pursue legal actions for breach of contract.

While cruising do whatever you wish to have a great time but do not encourage reckless behavior and please report anyone that is planning to.

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