Amplifications Postponed, Galveston Loses Allure, Explorer cuts Cruises through August 2020 & More.

In a pre-COVID-19 world, we in the cruise industry, especially those who are loyal to Royal, were enjoying and looking forward to the continuation of the Amplification initiative Royal Caribbean International was putting a majority of their ships through.

We have seen Mariner and Independence go through the amplification process in 2018. Following in 2019 with Navigator, Voyager, and Oasis, then Freedom in 2020.

Updated staterooms, transformed public spaces, new features, and so much more. The Amplification of the ships so far have been met with great fanfare and it is no surprise that the future amplifications were so looked forward to.

Read more about the current Amplified Ships:

|Oasis of the Seas|Navigator of the Seas| Freedom of the Seas|Voyager of Seas|

Sadly, today Royal Caribbean International confirmed that they will delay all future amplifications. These delays include Allure, Explorer, Adventure, and Liberty.

Allure of the Seas:

Currently, the Allure of the Seas is in dry dock in Cadiz, Spain, where she is undergoing the standard five-year mechanical dry dock required for every cruise ship. The Allure's full amplification has been postponed until further notice. There is no official word if Allure will receive any updates.

Gavelston Terminal Rendering | Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Allure in Galveston:

Due to the delay in construction of Royal Caribbean's new terminal in Galveston, Texas, Allure will no longer sail from Gavelston, and Liberty of the Seas will assume all of her scheduled itineraries in late 2021.

Check out the Allure of the Seas.

Allure's original Amplification plan.

Explorer Rendering | Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Explorer of the Seas

All August 2020 sailings onboard Explorer are canceled as she will be undergoing a technical dry dock. Her amplification is suspended until further notice.

Check out the Explorer of the Seas.

Explorer's original amplification plans.

Adventure of the Seas:

Amplification is postponed until further notice. No additional information is available at this time.

Check out the Adventure of the Seas.

Liberty of the Seas:

Liberty of the Seas | Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Amplification is postponed until further notice. Liberty will assume all Allure of the Seas late 2021 scheduled itineraries out of Gavelston, Texas.

Check out the Liberty of the Seas.

As unfortunate as this is to hear, we can look forward to these ships, eventually receiving the amplification they were awaiting. One good thing that might come from these delays is even better and more advanced features to be added than initially planned. Time will tell, and we will be ready!

Royal Caribbean Statement to Travel Advisors:

"Dear valued Travel Partners,

We hope that amidst this global pandemic, you and your clients have remained healthy and safe. We are optimistic that each day that passes is another day closer to more certainty, more recoveries, and getting back to our regular day-to-day. While this is like nothing any of us have ever experienced, we continue to evaluate how it impacts our return to service, as well as upcoming projects.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and given the closure of shipyards along with the disruption to the supply chain, Royal Caribbean®would like to make you aware of some updates regarding Allure of the Seas®,Explorer of the Seas®,Liberty of the Seas® and Adventure of the Seas®.

The Allure of the Seas Amplification has been postponed until further notice. Additionally, due to pier construction delays in the Galveston terminal, the pier will unfortunately not be ready to welcome an Oasis Class ship. Therefore, Allure will no longer sail from Galveston, Texas, and rather, local fan-favorite Liberty of the Seas will assume Allure’s itineraries in late 2021.

The Adventure, Explorer and Liberty of the Seas Amplifications have also been postponed until further notice. All Explorer sailings will be cancelled through August 2020 to complete a technical dry dock.

Travel partners with clients affected by these changes will be notified directly with more details and options available. 

Thank you for understanding that today’s ever-changing environment has led to decisions beyond our control. Please know our commitment to providing the best vacations at sea will never waver, nor will our commitment to you — our valued partners.

We appreciate your continued support of Royal Caribbean."

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