Breakaway's Show Stopping Entertainment

Show-Stopping Entertainment Onboard Norwegian Breakaway

These days cruise ships are equipped with all the high-end entertainment that any theater buff would be happy to enjoy. Norwegian Cruise Line has always had show-stopping entertainment, so it was no surprise to see that the Norwegian Breakaway’s entertainers would blow us away once more.

Prior to boarding the Norwegian Breakaway, we reserved all production shows that caught our attention, along with some of the smaller shows in different venues. I wanted to focus on the three shows that blew our socks off. One important thing to remember is that although you reserve your shows ahead of time, you should still arrive at the theater approximately 30 minutes before curtain up.

Rock of Ages LOGO

The first show that I cannot give enough credit too is Rock of Ages. Being the first time we had heard of this Broadway production, we had no idea what to expect. Before walking into the Breakaway Theater, the staff members warned all parents with children under the age of 18 that the production was for mature audiences. Kids were still allowed into the show, but they had to be accompanied by an adult. As the production began, we already could sense the playful and hilarious vibes that the actors put off. That moment, we knew this would be an unforgettable show. Throughout the entire musical, people had gigantic smiles on and were singing the lyrics to familiar songs. The cast knew how to captivate the emotions the crowd was emitting! As the musical came to an end, every performer received a standing ovation along with many cheerful shouts. While exiting the theater, everyone could not stop talking about how amazing the cast was; we heard many people talking about reserving spots for the repeat show. The bottom line, you do not want to miss this musical on your sailing!

Norwegian Breakaway Main Theater

The second show that you do not want to miss is Burn The Floor. This show was a great hit onboard the Norwegian Epic, so Norwegian decided to extend it onto the Getaway and the Breakaway. I was pleasantly surprised to discover every ship offers a slightly different version. Back when Norwegian Getaway debuted, Burn The Floor was my favorite show at sea. I am proud to say this legacy continues to live on. Unlike Rock of Ages, Burn the Floor is welcoming of all ages. This show encompasses both ballroom and Latin dance techniques to create a show that will blow your mind. The rhythmic tunes had everyone squirming in their seats while trying not to dance along. Although there was no dialogue in this production, the performers were great at making the crowd feel their emotion. My favorite part had to be when the crew decided to have a Latin fiesta on stage. Personally, my favorite style of dance is either the tango or salsa, so for them to incorporate the two made me very satisfied. At the end of the show, the performers received a standing ovation while I sprinted to reserve the show again. Nothing that I could say would genuinely express how amazing this production is, so I suggest you reserve this show right away.

Main Theater Onboard Norwegian Breakaway

The last show, Velvet, is very different compared to the first two. We reserved this show for our last sea day, so we were able to hear what everyone thought before we went. From the people who we spoke with, it sounds like this show is hit or miss. One significant difference is that this show is for a fee. Dinner and dessert are served prior to the show, so this can be considered a specialty dining experience. If you are interested in the dining portion of this event, go check out the Breakaway’s dining blog. One thing that I found very interesting was the entertainers themselves! I don’t want to spoil anything but my favorite performer who had to be the hula hooper who completely stole the show. This unique performance I would only recommend to those who love the groovy, sexy, disco era.

Overall, the entertainment onboard the Norwegian Breakaway was absolutely incredible. From the production shows to musicians who performed around the ship, the Breakaway did raise the bar for entertainment at sea.

Have you cruised aboard the Norwegian Breakaway? What did you think of their entertainment? If you have not sailed onboard yet, which of the three shows sound most appealing?

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