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Celebrity ASCENT to Introduce New Entertainment

Celebrity Ascent Entertainment

Celebrity Cruises® has unveiled an extraordinary array of entertainment options for its highly anticipated new ship, Celebrity Ascent℠, promising a blend of tradition, evolution, and revolution to cater to all guests' tastes. The cruise line, renowned for its commitment to offering top-notch onboard experiences, is poised to raise the bar once again with a range of captivating entertainment options that set the stage for unforgettable journeys.

Much like its award-winning sister ship, Celebrity Beyond℠, recognized as the number one Best Cruise Ship for Entertainment in 2023 by USA Today’s 10Best, Celebrity Cruises has brought together a team of creative visionaries responsible for major productions spanning from Las Vegas to London's West End. The result is a unique collection of performances, activities, and experiences designed to dazzle and delight passengers on Celebrity Ascent.

Lisa Lehr, Celebrity’s Vice President, Entertainment, spoke enthusiastically about the ship's entertainment offerings, stating, "We embraced the opportunity with Celebrity Ascent to take our entertainment offering to an even higher level for our guests, handpicking the best creative minds to deliver a world-class program that solidifies Celebrity's reputation for onboard entertainment that stuns."

She further emphasized, "We are so excited to show guests how our new entertainment offering can level up their vacation in ways they've never experienced before. With elements our guests love plus some new surprises, Ascent offers something for everyone and adds to the memories they will have for a lifetime."

New Signature Resort Deck Party

One of the most captivating additions to Celebrity Ascent's entertainment lineup is the "Ascent After Dark: Shine the Night" party. This high-octane nightlife experience transforms the ship's Resort Deck into a radiant center stage, complete with high-energy live performances, a mesmerizing prism light show, and a DJ creating a pulsating dance floor under the moon and stars. Guests are encouraged to don their best metallic attire and immerse themselves in this open-air celebration.

New Theater Shows that Ascend Expectations

The Theatre on Celebrity Ascent is poised to be a stage like no other. It will feature new technological effects that blur the line between digital and reality. Three all-new production shows will captivate audiences with state-of-the-art technology, including kinetic lighting, lasers, and the use of IMAG to display real-time live performances on a larger-than-life LED screen.

The new shows include:

  1. Awaken: A contemporary and technological spectacle taking guests on an eye-opening journey through a showcase of surreal dreams, awakening their senses to a world where anything is possible.

  2. Residency: A high-energy concert production inspired by iconic Las Vegas residencies, celebrating timeless artists from Elvis to Lady Gaga, Cher, U2, and Bruno Mars.

  3. Bridges: A feel-good, uplifting celebration of human connection, set against the backdrop of some of the world's most iconic bridges, featuring an automated bridge onstage as the centerpiece.

Immersive Live Shows and Performances

The entertainment continues beyond the main theater stage, with immersive and intimate performances throughout the ship. At Eden, Ascent’s three-story architectural masterpiece at the back of the ship, guests will enjoy inspiring performances featuring mind-blowing acrobatics, incredible vocals, and world-class choreography.

  • Allure: Takes audiences on a journey following the ship's resident visual artist in search of inspiration from the beauty in the world around, featuring acrobatics and feel-good music.

  • Shimmerbox: Offers driving beats from the 70s to modern day, enticing guests to dance, groove, or simply soak in the lavish glistening spectacle.

  • Dreams: Invites guests to enjoy a wondrously intriguing night in a fantastical world of dazzling live performances, interactive games, and unforgettable characters.

In The Club, Ascent introduces a new immersive show, "Smoke & Ivories," taking audiences back in time to an old Hollywood club with a modern twist. The electrifying set comes to life through the use of projection technology, incredible dance performances, world-class tapping, and sultry vocal performances.

Brand New Entertainment Experiences

Celebrity Ascent also offers the latest gaming and interactive activities, including:

  • Game On: Augmented Multiplayer Experience: An 80s-inspired retro experience, where a games surface is projected on the floor in The Club, inviting players to compete in interactive competitions using their own body as a controller.

  • Guilty Pleasures Party: The ultimate singalong extravaganza, where guests can belt out a road trip playlist like nobody's listening.

  • Sands of Time: A new tabletop escape-style game, where guests work in teams to unlock mysteries through a series of puzzles and clues.

  • Sketch Art Classes: For everyone from beginners to advanced sketchers, with step-by-step lessons from Celebrity’s resident visual artist.

Celebrity Ascent Entertainment

Plenty of Live Music Onboard

In addition to the popular Jazz at The Club, where world-class orchestra musicians perform the best of jazz music up close and personal, Celebrity Ascent's musicians exhibit their incredible talent and showmanship through two brand new live concert-style celebrations:

  • Funkified: A journey through the evolution of funk, from classic hits to modern funk-inspired tunes.

  • Discoteque: Brings the best of the Disco Era to life in a high-energy party under the Mirrorball in The Club, with tunes from Earth, Wind & Fire, Donna Summer, Bee Gees, and more.

As the countdown to the launch of Celebrity Ascent continues, the cruise line aims to redefine the art of entertainment at sea, offering guests an unparalleled and unforgettable journey filled with excitement and awe-inspiring experiences. With a focus on tradition, evolution, and revolution, Celebrity Ascent promises a cruise experience like no other, setting the stage for an extraordinary adventure on the high seas.


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