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Celebrity Cruises Announces the Industry's first "Co- Godmothers."

Celebrity Cruises Announce the Industry's First Co Godmothers

Hey cruise enthusiasts, brace yourselves for some awesome news from Celebrity Cruises®! They're gearing up to unleash their shiny new ship, Celebrity Ascent, this November, and guess what? They've just dropped the bomb on who's gonna be the godmothers – none other than the super cool Captain Sandy Yawn from "Below Deck" fame and her sis Michelle Dunham, the brain behind the Jacksonville School for Autism (JSA).

Celebrity Cruises to welcome Captain Sandy and Michelle Dunham as ASCENT Godmothers

Hold on, that's not all – this year's been all about breaking norms because they've also got the first-ever tag team of brother Captains Dimitrios and Tasos Kafetzis steering this new ship.

Joining the ranks of superstar women who've rocked the title of Celebrity Cruises' Godmother, Captain Sandy, and Michelle are in some kickass company. Remember Simone Biles? Yeah, the gymnastics legend who christened Celebrity Beyond last year. Then there's Reshma Saujani, the mastermind behind Girls Who Code, who gave the nod to Celebrity Apex in 2021. And who could forget Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel Prize winner who lit up the launch of Edge back in 2018?

Laura Hodges Bethge, the big boss at Celebrity Cruises, couldn't contain her excitement, "We're totally stoked to have Captain Sandy and her sis Michelle join the ranks of Celebrity's Godmothers. These ladies are the real deal – they've dedicated their lives to improving the world. Captain Sandy's a total trailblazer, showing what's up in the maritime world and inspiring young women everywhere. And Michelle's a superhero for kids with autism, proving that dreams can make a difference. They're a perfect fit for Ascent!"

Celebrity Cruises ASCENT

Now, let's talk tradition. Being a ship's Godmother is like becoming its spirit animal. She's the one who brings good vibes, protection, and all-around awesomeness to everyone who hops on board. On December 1, 2023, during Ascent's big naming bash, Captain Sandy and Michelle will team up to give their blessings, christening the ship with all the good juju for the crew and passengers.

Get ready because Celebrity Ascent's about to set sail with Captain Sandy Yawn and Michelle Dunham at the wheel – and you know it's gonna be one heck of a ride!

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