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Celebrity Cruises is Pouring a Glass to an Awarding-Winning Season

Celebrity Sweeps Wine Awards
Celebrity Cruises Wine Spectators

Hey there, wine aficionados and cruise enthusiasts. Guess what? Celebrity Cruises® is totally on a winning streak, and this time it’s all about the wine! They've just snagged a bunch of awards at the super-fancy Wine Spectator’s 2023 Restaurant Awards. Yep, you heard it right – a whopping 18 awards prove they’re good at sailing the seas and treating taste buds.

What’s the big deal, you ask? These awards are like the Oscars of the wine and dining world. And guess who’s stealing the spotlight? That’s right, it's Celebrity Cruises, walking the red carpet and making everyone proud. Some of their restaurants even scored these awards for the 11th time in a row! That’s some serious commitment to making sure your glass is always filled with the finest.

Hold onto your wine glasses because these awards bring Celebrity Cruises’ total count to a mind-blowing 118. Can you believe it? That’s enough wine to fill a swimming pool! And guess what? They're not just any awards but the super-coveted “Best Of” Awards of Excellence. These are like the gold medals of the wine and dine universe. Six of Celebrity Cruises' top-notch restaurants got this honor, and get this – they’re all on their fancy Edge® Series ships.

Oh, but wait, there’s more! Celebrity AscentSM, the cool new kid on the block, hasn’t even set sail yet, and it’s already snatched up two of those "Best Of" awards. One is for the Le Voyage® restaurant, where you can get your foodie groove on, and the other is for the swanky Italian joint called Tuscan. But hold tight because there’s another sibling in town – Celebrity BeyondSM – and it also got those fantastic "Best Of" awards for its Le Voyage and Tuscan restaurants.

Laura Hodges Bethge, the big cheese over at Celebrity Cruises, couldn’t be happier. She said, “We're always working hard to go above and beyond for our guests, and this recognition by the respected experts at Wine Spectator shows just how dedicated we are to delivering the best dining experiences at sea. We are honored to continue to be the only cruise line with the highest recognition and thrilled that our newest vessel, Celebrity Ascent, also made the list.”

So, let’s spill the beans on the full list of winners from the Celebrity Cruises dream team for the 2023 Wine Spectator Awards:

  • 2023 Best of Award of Excellence – Le Voyage, Celebrity Ascent

  • 2023 Best of Award of Excellence – Tuscan, Celebrity Ascent

  • 2023 Best of Award of Excellence – Le Voyage, Celebrity Beyond

  • 2023 Best of Award of Excellence – Tuscan, Celebrity Beyond

  • 2023 Best of Award of Excellence – Normandie, Celebrity Edge®

  • 2023 Best of Award of Excellence – Cyprus, Celebrity Apex®

  • 2023 Award of Excellence – Fine Cut, Celebrity Apex

  • 2023 Award of Excellence – Fine Cut, Celebrity Beyond

  • 2023 Award of Excellence – Fine Cut, Celebrity Ascent

And here’s a fun fact: these cool cats have been winning the Wine Spectator awards for 11 years in a row! Check out these familiar names that have been in the winner's circle:

  • Opus on Celebrity Reflection®

  • Grand Cuvée on Celebrity Silhouette®

  • Grand Epernay on Celebrity Solstice®

  • Moonlight Sonata on Celebrity Eclipse®

  • Silhouette on Celebrity Equinox®

  • Cosmopolitan on Celebrity Summit®

  • Metropolitan on Celebrity Millennium®

  • San Marco on Celebrity Constellation®

  • Trellis on Celebrity Infinity®

If you’re into wine (who isn’t?), you’re in for a treat. Celebrity Cruises is like a floating wine paradise, with over 500 choices from around the world. They have all the big names and hidden gems wine lovers dream about. And get this – they’ve got a team of wine wizards, also known as sommeliers, to guide you through this grape-filled wonderland.

But wait, there’s more! They’ve got some fun stuff lined up, like:

  • World Wine Tours – You can sip and savor wines from all corners of the globe. It’s like a trip around the world, but without leaving your seat.

  • Food and Wine Pairing Workshops – They’ll let you know some juicy secrets about which wine goes best with that mouthwatering dish. It’s like a crash course in becoming a wine and dine maestro.

  • Destination Wine Tours – Ready to explore? These tours take you to some of the most beautiful wine spots on the planet. You’ll visit wineries, taste the good stuff, and soak in the views.

So there you have it, folks. Celebrity Cruises is sailing its way into wine history, one award-winning sip at a time. If you're up for a cruise about luxury, relaxation, and a lot of fantastic wine, these guys have got you covered. Bon voyage and cheers to Celebrity Cruises for keeping the good times rolling! 🥂

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