South Florida, Here we Come!

For those who have been loyally following Cruise Ship Crayz from the beginning, to say we have expanded is an understatement. We started as a simple cruise blog on Tumblr in 2012 as "Cruise Ship Crazy." As we became more popular, the thought of a website began to form, and after a rebrand, was born in 2016. Since then, we have expanded to Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok, and our website has gone from ten pages to nearly 100. From 2016 to 2020, we have seen over 14 million website hits, and 17.5 million social media views in 2019 alone. Our expansion has been massive and rapid.

The time has come to truly see what Cruise Ship Crayz can do and what impact we can have. The only way for us to do this is a major relocation. The Northeast is a fantastic place for many things but for the cruise industry, not so much. That is why we are happy to announce we are giving up snow for palm trees and relocating to South Florida. This relocation allows us to be closer to our partners, colleagues, cruise lines, ships, and new opportunities. Of course, due to the current global climate, our future looks much different than we planned but we will continue developing in a way that makes the most sense to our success.

We look forward to bringing you many new resources and content to keep you excited and educated on the cruise industry.

Read our official Statement below!

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