Harmony of the Seas Cruise Review: Labadee, Haiti

After a WOW filled day at Sea and an early night, I was ready for a beautiful adventure filled day on Labadee. An early morning of 8 guaranteed us an early disembarking time which we planned for about 10. After a marvelous welcome party from the locals on jet skis and an excellent breakfast at the Windjammer, we made our way down to deck 2 to disembark. After a very brief wait of about 10 minutes to get from our cabin on deck 14 to the pier, we slowly walked to the beach marveling at the beauty of Harmony of the Seas. Once we made it off the dock, we decided to keep walking to skip the beaches that were quickly saturated with the 6,600 other passengers that were with us. After about a 20 minute stroll through the tropical paradise that is Labadee, we finally found a fantastic, secluded, area just beyond the Suite guests Cabana area. With a little bit of shade, a lot a bit of sun, a fantastic view, and a bar nearby we began to soak in every minute of the Caribbean sun!

After some tanning, it was time for Parasailing! My best friend, sister, cousin and I scurried along the winding walkways of this pristine island to our first excursion. After flying 100 feet above the ocean, with the views people dream of all I could think about is how lucky I am to not only be sailing on the world's largest cruise ship but also having the opportunity to sail with my family and friend. Our hour parasailing excursion went by quickly, and we soon were overwhelmed by hunger and made our way to the outdoor buffet. All the delicious food was just too much to handle so we took a little of everything, because why not?

Now it's time to grab a drink, and what better to get than a Labadoozy? For all you loyal Royal cruises, what is better than a Labadoozy? An awesome $5.00 tiki cup to put it in! Now that I had my awesomely awesome tiki cup to show off, my sister and I decided to stumble ( quite literally) into the marketplace. Not too much caught my attention but my sister was on a mission to find an amazing painting, and she accomplished that mission. We were lucky enough to hear the story of a shopkeeper and artist. A once green card holder in the U.S. now back in Haiti to build his savings and start his own business and sell his and others amazing paintings. ***TIP** Always go for the paintings when shopping in islands; they are usually the only not made in china souvenir that you can cherish.

With the shopping done it was time to get some swimming in one of the most beautiful bodies of water I have ever seen! Suddenly I found myself being convinced by my sister to go paddle boarding and in the blink of an eye there I was standing on a board above unknown waters. After paddling out of the cove, there she was in all her beauty, Harmony of the Seas. Getting a much different perspective of the Harmony was incredible, seeing her dwarf this entire island, she truly is one of the humanity's greatest inventions.

In what seemed like an hour, our day on Labadee was coming to an end the Harmony was ready to sail. We packed up our things and made our way back to the ship while getting a final look around Labadee!

After a speedy embarkation back to the Harmony we quickly got ready for the night, on the agenda: dinner at the Windjammer and Grease ! The Windjammer dinner was surprisingly one of the best complimentary meals we experienced while on Harmony. With a large variety of food that is continually refreshed, an incredible dessert selection and alcohol available the Windjammer was an excellent choice for dinner. After a fantastic meal, it was time to make our way from deck 16 to deck 5 to get our seats for GREASE. Unfortunately, the fastest way to get there, the Ultimate Abyss , was closed, so we settled for the stairs. With great seats, we finally heard that iconic phrase "Grease is the word!" The show brought nostalgia and emotion to the entire audience right till the very end. With the final words "You're the one that I want, " and the curtain pulled the eruption of applause from the audience could describe the reaction to one hell of a performance!

We made our way from the Royal theater to the Boot and Bonett Pub to watch the incredibly talented guitarist play. With some great drinks, great people, great service and incredible entertainment we spent the remainder of our night engaging in conversation and nodding to the music.

Just like that, the day was done, and I very comfortably settled into my bed. Excited for what Falmouth, Jamaica was to bring I drifted to sleep with the sound of the ocean almost like a lullaby.

Stay tuned for Island Reviews: Falmouth, Jamaica and Cozumel , Mexico!

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