Meet the Carnival Magic

Meet the Carnival Magic!

The Magic waits for you to embark on a six to eight-night voyage throughout the Caribbean. Carnival’s second Dream Class ship, the Carnival Magic, for sure has an experience designed for everyone. Let’s take a more in-depth look into all of the amenities offered onboard this mega-ship, but before we do, let’s check out its history.

Carnival Magic | Cruise Ship Crayz Asset
Carnival Magic | Cruise Ship Crayz Asset

The Carnival Magic entered service on May 1st, 2011, after being christened by Lindsey Wilkerson, who was a patient and researcher for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital at the time. The ship can cruise at a top speed of 22.5 knots (25.9 mph.) while weighing a massive 128,500 gross registered tons — currently, the Magic sails alternate Eastern and Southern Caribbean cruises weekly out of Fort Lauderdale.

Now, enough of the facts, let us go check out what makes this ship unique. The lower decks truly give the ship its own personality, the Magic’s atrium is decked out in emerald green walls with vibrant yellow and green light fixtures, think of the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. As you leave the atrium walking out on either deck four (Mezzanine) or deck five (Promenade), you will find that parts of the atrium follow you around.

Carnival Magic Atrium | Cruise Ship Crayz Asset
Carnival Magic Atrium | Cruise Ship Crayz Asset

Some of my favorite venues could be found near the atrium; for example, I absolutely loved the Lanai Promenade. This outside wrap around deck can give you incredible views of the ocean from a much lower vantage point. Many venues offered outside seating along the Lanai. One being, Guys Pig and Anchor Barbeque Smokehouse! This venue could be described as hidden since not many people walk the Lanai.

Carnival Magic Lanai | Cruise Ship Crayz Asset
Carnival Magic Lanai | Cruise Ship Crayz Asset

Let’s head back inside to explore some other areas. The lower decks are great for the nightly activities because you can find both dining rooms, the theater, and many other areas that will provide entertainment and an overall great time.

Speaking of the dining rooms, let us go check them out. The Northern Lights dining room can are found midship while the Southern Lights dining room can be found at the far aft section of the ship. Although both restaurants boast very similar decor, my personal favorite would have to be the Southern Lights dining room only for the fact that it overlooks the wake of the vessel along with the elegant entrance.

Carnival Magic Southern Light Dining Room | Cruise Ship Crayz Asset
Carnival Magic Southern Lights Dining Room | Cruise Ship Crayz Asset

Before heading up top, I wanted to be sure to mention the Warehouse which is the gigantic arcade found on board along with the massive Casino. This goes to show that Carnival really knows how to cater to all ages.

Carnival Magic Arcade | Cruise Ship Crayz Asset
Carnival Magic Arcade | Cruise Ship Crayz Asset

As we grab a glass elevator overlooking the atrium up to the top decks, begin to prepare yourself for the party atmosphere that the Carnival Seaside Theater will bring. This three-story party place is home to some of your favorite restaurants being Guy’s Burger Joint and Blue Iguana Cantina. But don’t forget to grab a delicious tropical drink from either the Red Frog Rum Bar or the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar. Overall, this fun-filled sun deck boasts the best parties on the ship after dancing to midday jams how about taking a dip in the Beach or Tides Pool.

Carnival Magic Lido | Cruise Ship Crayz Asset
Carnival Magic Lido | Cruise Ship Crayz Asset

If that doesn’t catch your attention then how about taking advantage of Carnival Waterworks which offers two exhilarating water slides and many splash toys for the younger ones. If that still doesn’t float your boat how about climbing 13 decks in the air on the ropes course. This attraction can be found in the Sport’s Square, which also offers mini-golf and many other fun-filled activities. The last major activity that can be found on the Magic is the full-size basketball court. One really cool thing that is similar to her sisters is the bleacher seating overlooking the action on the court.

Carnival Magic Waterworks | Cruise Ship Crayz Asset
Carnival Magic Ropes Course | Cruise Ship Crayz Asset

The final two places that are left to explore are the Fitness Center and the Vitality at Sea Spa. You will find both of these venues relatively close due to the fact that they deal with health and wellness. Although the fitness center had nothing that made it stand out from your ordinary gym, one thing that I really admired about the venue was the workers walking around ensuring that you didn’t need assistance. But the spa, on the other hand, had to be one of my favorite venues that I explored onboard. The spa was incredibly large and had a fantastic room rotation that would allow for pure relaxation.

Carnival Magic Fitness Center |Cruise Ship Crayz Asset
Carnival Magic Cloud 9 Spa | Cruise Ship Crayz Asset

All in all, I could not find one thing that the Carnival Magic lacked, and found it to be a perfect ship. If anyone has hesitated to book a cruise on this specific ship, I would highly recommend it because I know that it would create for the perfect vacation.

Have you cruised the Magic? What did you think? What was your favorite venue? If you haven’t sailed on this ship, what would you be looking forward to the most?

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