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MSC Cruises Unveils Family-Oriented MSC World America with LEGO® Collaborations

MSC World America

MSC Cruises is set to redefine family cruising with the launch of MSC World America, the latest addition to its World Class fleet. Scheduled to debut in April 2025, this ultramodern flagship will feature seven distinct districts, each offering unique experiences tailored to various interests and age groups. Among these, the Family Aventura district promises to be the ultimate destination for kids and families, thanks to innovative spaces and activities developed in partnership with the LEGO Group.

As a family-owned company, MSC Cruises has a longstanding reputation for delivering exceptional children’s programs. MSC World America will elevate this reputation with the largest and most technologically advanced kids' area in the fleet. Spanning over 10,000 square feet, the dedicated space will encompass seven rooms, each designed to cater to specific age groups, from infants to teenagers. This expansive area will introduce several new concepts and activities, ensuring an unforgettable vacation experience for families.

Steve Leatham, Head of Entertainment for MSC Cruises, expressed his excitement about the new offerings: “We set ourselves the goal to create the most exceptional kids and family offering at sea with MSC World America. Our aim is to give our younger guests the freedom to express their creativity, play, socialize, and explore with amazing spaces and programs that have to be seen to be believed.”

Matteo Mancini, Senior Manager of Youth Entertainment for MSC Cruises, highlighted the importance of feedback from North American guests in shaping the new offerings. “We specifically listened to our young guests from North America to design our kids and family offering. We are bringing a variety of extraordinary facilities and new experiences never seen before!"

Exciting New Activities and Spaces

MSC World America will introduce several first-of-their-kind experiences, mainly through its collaboration with the LEGO Group:

  • NEW LEGO® Parade: The cruise industry’s first-ever LEGO® parade will entertain children of all ages as it marches through the ship from Family Aventura to the World Promenade once per cruise.

  • NEW LEGO® Family Zone: This brand-new area will be a haven for master builders and LEGO® enthusiasts, allowing parents and children to engage in creative play from morning to evening.

  • NEW LEGO® Family Game Show: Families can compete in an exhilarating team challenge, vying for the title of ultimate Master Builder through timed challenges and creative tasks.

  • NEW Boxes Family Game Show: Families will face off in blind challenges contained in mystery boxes, with prizes for the winners.

  • NEW Doremix Family Disco: A new tech-enhanced version of the famous family disco featuring dance competitions to hit music and original MSC Cruises songs.

  • NEW High-Tech Experiences: Teenagers can enjoy the Star Shooters adventure course and the latest VR technology at Luna Park.

  • NEW Largest Ever Doremiland: The ship’s expansive kids’ area will feature cutting-edge technology and stunning light and sound effects, catering to all age groups with various activities.

  • NEW The Harbour: This outdoor park will offer a high ropes course, a Cliffhanger attraction, a family dwelling area, and a playground modeled after the iconic lighthouse at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve in The Bahamas.

Returning Favorites

MSC World America will also feature beloved MSC Cruises attractions:

  • Sportplex: A dynamic space with basketball and tennis courts, interactive game shows, bumper cars, and roller skating. Activities will include The Drone Academy, a high-tech drone relay race illuminated by night.

  • Guinness World Record Family Quiz: Families can attempt to beat world records, creating lasting memories.

  • MasterChef at Sea Juniors: Young culinary enthusiasts can compete in a cooking competition, showcasing their talents and creativity.

With MSC World America, MSC Cruises aims to provide an unparalleled family cruising experience, combining innovative activities, state-of-the-art facilities, and engaging programs to create unforgettable memories for guests of all ages.

Video Courtesy of MSC Cruises


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