My First Cruise Experience

I remember my first cruise experience like it was yesterday. It was 1995 aboard the Carnival Sensation, sailing out of Miami.

As a South Floridian, hopping on a cruise ship was pretty simple considering the port is just a drive away - No flight or other travel arrangements necessary. Certainly a perk of living in FL.

Little did I know that the next seven days aboard the Sensation would change my life for forever.

Having vacationed at resorts and hotels in the past with the family, I knew this was going to be a totally different experience.

Driving towards the port from Biscayne Blvd and approaching the lineup of towering cruise ships docked one after the next was an awe-inspiring sight … Even from afar. Especially considering the fact that I hadn't ever seen a cruise ship before - Let alone a bunch of them. The first sight was magnificent.

As the car reached the highest point on the causeway extending over the water and into the port, the view of the ships lined up, one after the next, was a spectacular sight. Of course, the excitement only increased when our ship, the Carnival Sensation, finally came into view.

Our car made its way through the port, to the parking area, we excitedly made our way through the terminal, and finally ... onto the ship.

The next moment was surreal - Stepping from the embarkation deck and proceeding into the atrium for the first time. That welcoming "cruise scent" (in a good way) was instant and added to the excitement of boarding a cruise ship for the very first time.

And so it begins! My life changed for years to come, with just that one cruise aboard the Carnival Sensation in 1996.

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Jason Taub

Jason Taub of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, sailed on his first cruise in 1994 aboard the Carnival

Sensation, and immediately fell in love with the world of cruising.

Preferring cruises over any other type of vacation, he developed a passion for building an online community acting as a one-stop resource for likeminded cruising enthusiasts. In 2001, CruiseCrazies was born as an unbiased and independent cruise resource and community by cruisers, for cruisers.

Over the years, Jason has sailed throughout the Caribbean on 22 cruises between Carnival and Royal Caribbean. As for CruiseCrazies, it has continued to grow from a tiny discussion board back in 2001 to a comprehensive resource and social network where users can plan their cruise, share experiences and connect with other cruisers - all at no cost. CruiseCrazies has also earned the reputation over the years as the "Friendliest Cruise Community on the Net." Join today and see for yourself!

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