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Mind Blowing Attractions onboard Norwegian Breakaway | A Cruise Ship Crayz Blog

Cruise ships built in the 21st century are equipped with all the newest and latest attractions. In the modern-day cruise industry, if an idea comes to mind that is "impossible" to have in a cruise ship, the industry will find a way to offer these amenities onboard. The Norwegian Breakaway, being the first of its class, brought many new attractions to the famous cruise line.

Back in 2013, when the Breakaway debuted, it offered the largest ropes course at sea, which also allows daring passengers to maneuver their way through obstacles, including "walking the plank," which is 18 decks above sea level. When stepping on board, I realized that my expectations reached beyond reality. For any thrill-seekers out there, the Breakaway is for sure to get your adrenaline pumping. For all eight days that I was on board, there was not one dull moment on board.

Being that this ship is so large, I am going to break the attractions down into three simple categories beginning with the water park, health and wellness, and lastly, the sports complex.

Aqua Park:

Starting with the water park, I saw people of all ages out experiencing this amazing aqua park. The Breakaway has five water slides onboard that vare designed to accommodate all passengers. For those who like a moderate thrill, " The Whip" is a sprawling tube slide, which offers many twists, turns, and pumps your adrenaline. One perk to this slide was that it is open air. The next two water slides are racing slides where you and a friend can compete to see who reaches the bottom the first. These water slides were my favorite because they were fast, and you could show your competitive side. One tip that I have to offer is that if you go on the yellow slide, then you will have a slight advantage since the water pressure is higher. The last two water slides are only for those guests who are very daring. The "Free Fall" drop slides. You begin standing on a platform that drops beneath you, sending you off the side of the ship at an extremely high speed. I only was brave enough to try this once, but unfortunately, I didn’t make it over the loop and ended up getting stuck. If this happens to you, don’t worry because they will open the emergency hatch to free you. Not only does the ship offer many water slides, but it also

provides two pools and a kids' splash park! If you are staying in the Haven, you will also have a private pool, which only allows access to those staying within those select suites.

Health and Wellness

Now onto our second category (Health and Wellness), let's go find out what we can do to relax before jumping right back into the action. How about going to the Mandara Spa, where you can choose from many different treatments or massages. You can also buy a pass that allows access to the thermal suites, which include the sauna/steam rooms. If that is not relaxing enough, how about investing in a Vibe Beach Club pass. Vibe is an adults-only sun deck where you will not have to fight any chair "hoggers" to find a

place to sit. There is a small fee to get into Vibe, which includes drinks and food if you are staying in the Cabanas. After all of this relaxation, I think it might be time to get in a quick workout in the fitness center. At the start of your cruise, do not forget to sign up for a spin class or yoga class where you can let all your worries drift away. Honestly, I thought that for this size of the ship, the Breakaway had an extensive fitness center, which I did not see many people taking advantage of. Do you workout while on vacation?

Sports Complex

The third and final category located in the aft section of the ship toward the pool deck, you will find the very colorful sports complex. The most noticeable feature being the ropes course. Although that was my favorite activity onboard, I found the golf course to be quite fun as well. It was themed to be a pirate putt-putt, which genuinely made the feeling of being on the high seas even greater. One part that made me laugh hysterically was how, although you can try so hard to make it in the hole first swing, with

the ship rocking, it made the game impossible. The last part of the sports complex that I wanted to mention was the full-sized basketball court. In this space, I saw many fun activities like dodge ball, soccer, and basketball games that filled this area with


I am for sure, that if you sail on the Norwegian Breakaway than you will have an

incredible time especially on the fun-filled top decks of the ship. Personally, I thought

that the attractions onboard are very thrilling and are for sure to create long-lasting

memories with your guests.

If you have cruised onboard the Breakaway, what was your favorite onboard

attraction? If you haven’t cruised on board this ship, what would you look forward to the


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