Breakaway From Reality In Your Stateroom At Sea

Cruise ship accommodations, to the rookie cruisers these have a reputation of being cramped and claustrophobia-inducing. To the veteran cruiser, we know that cruise ship accommodations come in all shapes and sizes. From sprawling multi-story mega suites to 900 square foot studio cabins, the average cruiser has more than enough space to store their personal belongings and sleep. You should keep in mind that you should only be spending about 2% of your cruise in your stateroom.

If you are willing to splurge a little but not ready to spend the "Suite Money," then the Norwegian Breakaway's Mini-Suites are the perfect choice for you. On this seven-night Caribbean itinerary, my family of four found ourselves staying quite comfortably in this category M2 Mini-Suite.

To start, let's discuss what a Mini-Suite on a Norwegian Cruise Line cruise entails. In my opinion, I thought that a Mini-Suite had all the perks of a suite beside the plus size room. It turns out that instead of the suite perks, you receive some additions to your cabin. The most noticeable feature that was found in our cabin was the double sinks in our bathroom. In addition to the double sinks, we had an overall larger bathroom, which made it easier getting ready with a family of four. Besides the larger bathroom, the only other feature that we noticed was the extra storage space found throughout the room.

Now, let me get into detail about everything in our stateroom. Starting with the bathroom. Being that this was one feature Norwegian focused on in the Mini-Suites, it had quite a lot of room allowing for family members to use the sinks at the same time. Another great feature was the larger shower. Although one small problem that we faced was how there was not an in-between temperature, so you either had cold or boiling water.

Staying four to a room could be quite tricky, but being that there were plenty of storage spaces, we were able to organize our room to keep it nice and tidy. In the cabin, we had multiple seating areas, including a desk and a large couch, which doubled as a pullout bed for the third passenger. Now you might be wondering, where could the fourth passenger sleep if the first and second were in the king-size bed? There was a pull-down bed from the ceiling which created a bunk bed system over the sofa. All three sleeping areas allowed for comfortable sleeping arrangements for the entirety of our cruise experience

Although the overall cabin was great, there is one part that I found to be my favorite part of the entire room. It was the balcony! There is just something truly incredible about having a cabin with a private outdoor space because you can have a unique experience closer to the ocean. I loved waking up and walking right out onto the balcony feeling the warm Caribbean breeze flowing through my hair. If you get the chance to cruise in a Mini-Suite cabin, I would highly recommend it.

Here are three quick tips to ensure you make the most of your vacation:

1. Pack an extension cord if more than two people are cruising in your stateroom. (Speaking only for NCL. Some cruise lines do not prohibit extension cords.)

2. Bring a few hangers to ensure all of your clothes can be hung.

3. Be sure to pack a laundry bag to dispose of your dirty clothes.

The last part of the cabin that is worth mentioning is my stateroom attendant. Although Norwegian ended towel animals in their turndown service, on embarkation day, I asked if that would be possible, and from there on, I saw a cute little towel creature waiting on my bed. I also noticed the exceptional service conducted and was very happy to have had a great experience with our stateroom attendant.

Overall, our cabin made our cruise go from amazing to exceptional and would highly recommend cruising in a Mini-Suite to absolutely everyone!

Have you stayed in a Mini-Suite before? If so, let us know below what were your thoughts and opinions about it? If not, feel free to ask any questions as we would be happy to reply. Safe Cruising!

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