Royal Caribbean International Cancels Quantum's Alaskan Season

Royal Caribbean is cancelling Quantum of the Sea's 2021 Alaskan season to keep her sailing short cruises in Singapore and focus on leading the brand in their successful COVID guidelines, including social distancing, virtual muster drills, and tracking bracelets called the "tracelet."

Royal Caribbean suspended operations on March 13, 2020, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and has only resumed limited operations in Singapore with Quantum of the Seas.

Compensation options for guests:

All guests who's cruise experience has been cancelled onboard Quantum have three different compensation option:

LIFT & SHIFT: Guests can choose a comparable cruise the following year and protect their price and promotion on a sailing in Alaska within a few week period.

FCC: Guests can receive a future cruise credit of 125% of what they paid originally and can choose a future cruise with Royal Caribbean at where ever and whenever within the set timeframe offered by Royal Caribbean International.

FULL REFUND: Guests can opt for a 100% credit back to their original form of payment.

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