The Spa on Celebrity Edge

This week has been a busy week for the cruise industry with different cruise lines debuting something new about the future of the industry. Celebrity Edge has been on everybody's radar for years now and we are finally getting more information about her! With her debut getting closer we finally have more information about the Spa onboard Edge!

The Spa is inspired by the natural elements Earth, Air, and Sea as we learned in press revel on May 16th when Celebrity debuted the completely reimagined Spa onboard Celebrity Edge and they are proving that a new Celebrity ship was worth the wait!

The Thermal Suite:

Celebrity Edge is debuting the largest thermal suite in the fleet! The days of a simple thermal with hotbeds, a sauna and a steam room are gone! Onboard Edge guests will get to enjoy eight different experiences in the thermal suite and with 22,000 square feet, you can quite literally spend all day in the thermal.

Thermal Suite Experiences:


Similar to a Turkish bath the Hammam will be a space where you lay on a marble slab and are covered in salt to rejuvenate your skin and pull out toxins.

Rainfall Room:

A walk through shower that features different water temperatures and pressures to stimulated and relax the muscles. This feature is offered on a much smaller scale on some other ships!

Steam Room:

The traditional way of relaxation with a Celebrity Edge chic twist. Complete with Marble walls and benches the steam room will open up your sinuses and cleans both inside and out!

Salt Room:

Introduced Salt therapy where you breathe in salt to open up the airways and is said to have incredible health benefits!

Flot Room:

A room where all you have to worry about is floating. The float room allows you to completely escape your world for as long as you want. Simply float while cruising at 20 knots.

Infrared Sauna:

The new generation of saunas, the infrared sauna is said to have better health benefits than traditional saunas and penetrates deep inside the cells to release toxins that have been there for years.


Claim your hotbed and watch as the ocean passes you by while enjoying the ultimate relaxation!


Designed to bring the concept of crystal healing energy to guests.

First at Sea:

Ideal Image Ocean:

Internationally recognized as an advanced med-spa offered to you onboard this futuristic ship.

A few other First:

Anfibabed: Relax as if your floating in the ocean

Crystal Pours bed: Lay down on a natural toxin cleansing bed during your spa treatment.

Zero Gravity Massage: Enjoy your massage on a zero-gravity table!

As you can see Celebrity is pushing the limits of spa offerings at sea with the Celebrity Edge. There is no way you can not relax while onboard! Edge will spend her inaugural year sailing to the Caribbean from Port Everglades, Ft Lauderdale. If you have not booked yet you should do so soon as this ship is almost completely booked up!

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