Value of a Cruise

After weeks of contacting travel agents, looking online, calling the cruise line and countless discussions your first cruise is FINALLY booked! Now comes the question, what am I getting for my money and is it worth it?

Of course, every cruise line is different when it comes to what's included with your cruise ticket, that's where the experts have to be called in (you're welcome in advance). So let's dive into your cruise cost and see exactly how much it's worth!

Cruise: (Prices based on 2017 cruise)

7-night Eastern Caribbean Cruise onboard Royal Caribbean International. Cabin Type: Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony Cruise Fare: (without discounts) For two $3,530.00 or $1,765.00 per person (taxes included).

Yes, $3,530.00 for two is an intimidating number to most but keep in mind about 90% of cruisers do not pay full price due to the sales all of the line run throughout the year. For example, Royal's most popular discount is, buy one get one 50% off.

Cruise Fare with discount: $3,530.00/ 2 = $1,765.00 PP -50% ($882.50) $882.50 which brings your new cruise price to $2,647.50. Cost per guest: (Splitting the cost evenly) Guest 1: $1,323.75 Guest 2: $1,323.75

What is included in a cruise ticket:

Cruise lines differ in what is included in your cruise fare, however, regardless of the line, you will never be left hungry or bored.

When cruising with Royal Caribbean here is what is included in every cruise fare: Your cabin for accommodations Most of the on board activities Water and some juices Breakfast, lunch, and dinner All entertainment

That might not seem like much so let's break down the average cost of whats included.

On Land

Entertainment: Broadway Style Show for 2: $350.00 (at least 2) $700.00

Shows other than the main headliner (for 2): $400.00 (Comedy shows, aqua shows, (Jazz Shows, etc.)


The average cost of breakfast (for 2): $20.00 (plus 20% tip) $24.00 (7 days) $140.00

The average cost of lunch (for 2): $30.00 (plus 20% tip) $36.00 ( 7 days) $252.00

The average cost of dinner (for 2): (3 courses) Price included two apps, two entrees, and two desserts)

$70.00 (plus 20% tip) $84.00 (7 days) $588.00

Activities: Mini Golf for 2:


Water Park for a day for 2:



4-star hotel for 2 for seven days:

(minimum $200.00 per night)


Five flights to travel place to place to and from home: From Boston to Florida (for 2):


From Florida to Cozumel (for 2):


From Cozumel to Jamaica (for 2):

$926.00 From Jamaica to Grand Cayman (for 2):

$ 500.00

From Grand Cayman to Boston (for 2):


On land, this roughly cost


for two with no discounts offered.

Cruise Price for 2:(without airfare)


With this price visualized I know you're thinking to yourself " What about the extras?" Good Point.

What extras can be purchased: (Most popular)

Beverage Package for the Week for 2: $55.00 (2 Passengers) $110.00 (7 days)


Specialty Dining For the Week: (For 5 Restaurants) $105.00 (2 Passengers)


Total with "extras" :


Are these extras something I really want to buy ?

If you choose to forgo the beverage package and you know you will be drinking a moderate amount keep in mind that the average beer cost about $6.00, the average cocktail cost about $13.00 and the average glass of wine cost about $9.00. The beverage package is not needed but encouraged if you plan to drink more on vacation than you do in a typical week. Now the specialty dining package is something I would only suggest to those of us who are true "Foodies" and to longtime cruisers. If it is your first cruise, there is no need to have a dining package because all of your food is included and the food is, typically, phenomenal!

Now the final numbers:

A 7-night Western Caribbean Cruise Balcony Stateroom: (with extras) $3,627.50

Plus airfare from Boston to Fort Lauderdale ($768.00)

Total cruise: $4,395.00

(alcohol included)

Total on land: $6,450.00 (no alcohol included)

"I still can not afford to pay that all at once."

If you have $500.00, you can afford to book a cruise today!

When you book a cruise, you always have the choice to pay it monthly from the time you book it until three months before you embark, except a $500.00 deposit, extras and your airfare (unless booked air through the cruise line.)

You can book a cruise up to two years in advance

21-month payment plan:

( 24 Months -3 months due to final payment deadline)

Total with everything included:


Deposit due within a week of booking:


Airfare due the day you book the airfare:


"Extras" are paid at time of purchase:

-$ 980.00

Total to pay over 21 months

$2,147.50 /21 Monthly Payment:


When the numbers are broken down the value of a cruise is clearer and more justifiable. Seven days four different locations, four-star accommodations, activities, unlimited food, and entertainment are easy to put a monetary value on but the experience of a cruise is priceless and the highest value!

monetary value but the experience of a cruise vacation is priceless and the biggest value of all.

To book your first cruise vacation click here to book through Expedia.

If you are a New England resident and prefer to have the personalized service of a travel agent click here!

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