Most Anticipated New Cruise Ship, Scarlet Lady.

Scarlet Lady, Most Anticipated Ship of 2020

Imagine trying to create a ship that not only redefines the cruising industry but also has to make a name for the brand, and the Scarlet Lady will do just that. Being the first vessel to launch for the new line, Virgin Voyages, she has a lot that she must live up to.

This new beauty will be an adults-only sanctuary at sea because only those 18 and older will be allowed on board!

Virgin Voyages future Miami Terminal

Now, let's talk a little bit about Virgin Voyage's history. Starting in December of 2014, Virgin announced the establishment of the new line and their head executive, Tom McAlpin, CEO of Virgin Voyages. In March of 2017, the steel cut for the Scarlet Lady transpired, which marks the start of construction for any new ship built. Currently, the Scarlet Lady just underwent her sea trials after leaving her construction site in Fincantieri.

One incredible new advancement that the company will follow is the idea of "no nickel and diming." This means that almost everything onboard is already included in your cruise fare. On other lines, gratuities can be quite expensive and won't appear until you press book or once you get on the ship, but with Virgin, the cost that you see on their website already includes that! In addition to included gratuities, both WIFI and all food are included. With Virgin, there is no specialty dining, meaning that you can eat in any venue you want, all covered by the cost of your cruise fare.

The Galley onboard Scarlet Lady a new approach to the traditional " buffet"

As I mentioned dining, the Scarlet Lady will offer some of the most diverse restaurants at sea, ranging from Korean BBQ to a full Vegetarian restaurant. With over twenty eateries onboard, there is something for everyone. Something exciting is the fact that Virgin is ditching the idea of having a traditional buffet but instead "The Galley, a food court-style dining area, with appease guest 24 hours a day! Top picks? Pink Agave, an upscale Mexican eatery, along with the Dock House, where alfresco Meditterainan salads are already calling!

Sea View with Terrace Day time onboard Scarlet Lady

Accommodations onboard are some of the most innovative and unique spaces at sea. The staterooms can be transformed by the touch of a button changing various mood lights, a configurable seabed, and in-cabin technology. Feel free to cast movies or games from your phone or tablet onto the smart TVs. If guests stay in a RockStar Suite, they will be treated to premium WIFI, priority access to all venues onboard, a stocked in-room bar, and transfers to and from the ship in the port of Miami. Every suite onboard has a unique theme, which is told by the stateroom category. An uncommon benefit to all the cabins on board is that they are eco-friendly. All staterooms automatically converse energy when they are unoccupied

Red Room onboard Scarlet Lady

Entertainment and nightlife is sure to be booming onboard, as Virgin has many exciting plans for this department. Interestingly enough, there will be no form of Broadway entertainment on board any of their vessels. Instead, Virgin hopes to bring many exhilarating, contemporary, and immersive entertainment styles to their ships. The show that I am looking forward to the most has to be Duel Reality, which happens to be a Romeo and Juliet story but put on with a circus twist. Each of the five shows onboard sounds incredible.

Cycle Studio onboard Scarlet Lady

Something sure to set Virgin apart from all the other lines is their goal to promote good health and wellness. All the fitness classes offered onboard are already included in the cruise fare. Regardless of your level of expertise, many different classes can be tailored to the needs of all guests. Now, being healthy does not mean that you have to only workout, it also involves eating and drinking the right things. Stop by the onboard Juice Bar where you can get freshly squeezed juices, made to order.

Squid Ink, the first Tattoo Parlor at Sea onboard Scarlet Lady

Probably one of the most anticipated attractions onboard the Scarlet Lady has to be Squid Ink, which will be the first-ever tattoo parlor at sea. Tom McAlpin, CEO of Virgin, thought this would be a creative idea since this could be a souvenir that sailors will never lose track of. In addition to tattoos, Squid Ink will also offer piercings and permanent make up treatments all by the use of Vegan pigments and dye.

Virgin Voyages Wristbands Scarlet Lady

Lastly, the technology seen onboard the Scarlet Lady will be truly innovative. Just last week, Virgin released that they will have wearable technology similar to Princess's Ocean Medallion, which basically replaces the need for a key card. Something extraordinary is that these bands will be made from ocean plastic in efforts to help clean our oceans.

Overall, the Scarlet Lady will genuinely be one industry-changing ship, and I can't wait to see the success that she will bring. Be sure to catch her as she sails from Miami year-round on itineraries ranging from three to five nights.

Could you see yourself cruising aboard the Scarlet Lady? What onboard amenity intrigues you the most?

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