Wonderland: A Culinary Journey

We have all heard of Wonderland, the imaginary land where Alice is caught painting the roses red. Alice is quite far from Wonderland now, but that whimsical childhood dream comes to life onboard Royal Caribbean International's Harmony of the Seas.

Take a culinary journey down the rabbit hole to a new world of possibilities and take your taste buds to a place you never knew existed! Everything you think you know about dining is nothing in comparison to the wonders that await you. Your culinary guide (waitstaff) you will be guide you through the menu, that is revealed only when painted. As the menu appears you will notice categories such as Earth, Wind, Ice, Fire, and Water the natural elements. Appetizers, entrees, and desserts are categories for the common folk. Your culinary guide chooses your first courses "Wind, Ice, and Fire" our guide chose "Buffalo Deviled Eggs," Reconstructed Caprese," "Oceanic Citrus," "Shrimp Kataifi," and "Liquid Lobster."

Each mouthwatering dish followed by the next left our taste buds wanting so much more, and luckily the food kept coming! Next, we chose our main courses from the Sea and Earth category. We indulged in a Roasted Chicken and Branzino in Crispy Bread. We thought things couldn't get much better than our first courses, but we were so wrong as both main course dishes were finished without a crumb to lick off the plate!

Finally the last course, dessert! As much as we were convinced that we could not fit another bite dessert was served, a "Chocolate World," and "Berry Sorbet with meringue." Both were so out of this world that we made sure to clean the plates!

Overall, Wonderland is an absolute must! Just $50 per person gets you a seat to pure culinary bliss! The service and food are the best onboard Harmony. I would suggest reserving before you cruise but if you are still not convinced to indulge in Wonderland stop in and take a seat at the bar, order a cocktail. If the view from the restaurant doesn't draw you in, take a peek over the balcony at the food, and you will make a reservation at that moment!

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