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Imagine getting to experience all of the exciting events of the spooky season while on a cruise! Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine that the cruise lines have made it possible to still indulge in these fun activities while at sea. There are three major cruise lines that I wanted to mention due to them going above and beyond on their Halloween celebrations. The three that I will discuss are Disney, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean.

Let’s start with the cruise line that makes the most out of the scary holiday. Can you guess which of the three lines that maybe? If you guessed all of them, then you are completely right! Every cruise line has its unique way to celebrate the holidays, so even if I didn’t list your cruise line, I can still guarantee that you can participate in some kind of Halloween traditions during your sailing.

On a Disney cruise leaving from September through October, you will get to experience the magic of “Halloween on the High Seas.” Let me share a little glimpse into what activities you can participate in if you are interested in one of these sailings. The activities include but are not limited to pumpkin carving, haunted stories at sea, trick or treating, and of course, a costume party. Probably one of the most innovative Halloween activities that could be seen onboard is the Halloween tree, which has unique effects allowing for pumpkins to blossom throughout the length of your cruise. If you were to take a stroll on one of their four vessels, you would see tons of Halloween decorations stretching from the Atrium all the way to the pumpkin stickers on the ship’s windows. As you can see, Disney for sure doesn’t mess around with their spooktacular celebrations.

The next line that I want to discuss is Royal Caribbean. Royal takes a different approach to their Halloween festivities by allowing guests to participate in a haunted house or a Halloween themed carnival (varies based on the ship). Kids of all ages and adults are encouraged to dress up and indulge in some of the fun hosted events. Children can be walked around the ship by their youth staff counselors to participate in trick or treating. Adults also have the chance to participate in a costume party and contest. One significant difference that this sailing has from Disney is that these activities only take place on actual Halloween.

The last line that I wanted to talk about was Norwegian Cruise Lines. Norwegian wished to continue to allow guests to participate in simple Halloween traditions but then get the chance to spice it up a little. For example, we all love to watch Halloween movies as we creep into the spooky season, but in addition to this fun event, Norwegian decided to add a Thriller Dance Contest as additional entertainment. Something that is only offered by NCL is the Halloween Murder Mystery Dinner. In this exciting activity, you are seated with six strangers at one of the ship’s main dining rooms and given a menu/ book that asks for you to assume the character. Then you are left to meet new people as you try to solve the mystery correctly.

Halloween at sea is truly a unique experience to indulge in while on vacation. Like I said previously, even if I did not list the line in which you may be sailing on, I know for a fact that you will be able to participate in some fun themed activity that the ship’s crew members will put together.

Have you sailed on a Halloween cruise? If so, what did you think about it? If you haven’t participated in one of these fun themed cruises, does this now start to peak your interest? What would you look forward to doing the most?

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