Sea Days Review Part 1: Harmony of the Seas 2017

Days at seas onboard the largest cruise ship afloat, what can you do? Better question, what can't you do. Harmony of the Seas is an astonishing 226,963 GRT, 1,188 ft long, 215.5 ft wide, and 18 decks so finding something to do was not difficult. On a seven day Western Caribbean Cruise you have three full sea days to explore this floating city. Here is a glimpse into the onboard activities, yes I did them all because mama didn't raise a quitter.


Where else but the Windjammer?

Having a gluten allergy puts a limit on what you can eat while cruising, or does it? It does, while the Windjammer always impresses with many delicious options, the gluten free options have dwindled since 2015. Once having the option of gluten fee waffles, pancakes, french toast and more has now made the massive development into just gluten free bread, revolutionary! For those of you who haven't caught on, that is what we call sarcasm.

Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center:

My best friend and I decided to book massages for the first full sea day at 10 am, the best way to begin any vacation. After my hour long deep tissue massage and about 30 mins in the thermal suite, it was time for a run around the track. With the running track located on deck 5, you get a spectacular breeze and protection from the sun! After a short jog (because I'm on vacation and F working out) I stopped at the Vitality Cafe to get a fresh fruit smoothie (included in the beverage package).

Pool and Sports Zone:

After a run around the track, it was time to hit the activities on the sports deck. The best time to hit the sports deck is around 12:30 which is lunchtime for most, during this time there are no lines! Starting on the back deck get your harness put on by a team member and don't forget your socks and shoes then get ready to zip across the caribbean! Once you zip across the 82-foot open space 110 feet above the Boardwalk head directly over to the Flow-rider to hang ten on the high seas or fall….. I fell.

After I completed some of the many activities that located at the very back of the ship it was time to take on the Perfect Storm. The Perfect Storm is a combination of three, yes three, large waterside located just outside the Solarium at the forward of the ship. Choose from two spiraling, vertigo enhancing race slides that make you never want to go down a waterslide again unless you are 17 or younger and don't yet have to worry about passing out from vertigo. In addition to the two waterslides from hell, you also can choose the champagne slide!

Quickly this slide became my favorite, but be prepared to have to flail around like a fish out of water when you get stuck on the opposite side of the opening to exit. So go for the champagne slide and skip the racing slides or in my mind the waterslides designed by Satan himself. Now I have tried a majority of the activities except rock climbing, mini golf, and basketball.......... ok so I got to about half the activities within two hours!


After an incredible, activity-filled afternoon, we opted for a late lunch at the Park Cafe in Central Park. At the Park Cafe, you can enjoy a light breakfast, lunch or dinner with a large salad bar, a panini station, pre-made salads and sandwiches, healthy juices, a dessert area and outdoor seating.

Royal Promenade:

After a quick meal, I spent some time on the Royal Promenade browsing through the shops, watching the rising tide bar take guest on a short journey from the Promenade to Central Park. After a quick stroll through the stores and a stop to get a gluten free cookie at Cafe Promenade, I made my way up to the boardwalk!


Just a quick walk from the Royal Promenade is the Atlantic City themed Boardwalk! Here you will find the first full Starbucks storefront at sea (be ready to pay about 30% more for your favorite Starbucks drink). Also find the famous logo store (where I spend most of my money), Sundials, Design Direct, an arcade, the entrance to the two rock walls, the lucky climber for kids, one of the only carousels at sea, the aqua theater and of course, what boardwalk would be complete without Zoltar the fake Genie in a box! If you find your hunger getting the best of you dine your way through the Boardwalk with Sabor Mexican Grill and Johnny Rockets, the Boardwalk is the place to be for children of all ages, and yes that includes the 50+ year old children!


The perfect end to a perfect sea day is, of course, the most amazing Sunset. After an incredible day at sea exploring the largest cruise ship in the world, it was time for the first formal night! Give me a reason to be fancy, and you better believe that I'll be the most elegant person ever! After spending some time sitting out on our balcony and getting ready for dinner, we made our way to the Royal Promenade to get our pictures taken, that we would ultimately spend a small fortune purchasing. Once we had our picture taken 1,000 times we made our way into the dining room to have a subpar dinner then we moved to the Boot and Bonnett Pub for drinks and live music! The Boot and Bonnett Pub quickly became our favorite place to go after dinner, with incredible service, phenomenal drinks, and great music. However, the after dinner entertainment choices are endless onboard this fantastic vessel. More entertainment options include:

Royal Promenade:

On Air Club:

Find Karaoke, sports and more at this great hidden bar along the promenade.


Explore your inner Latino or Latina and dance all night to live Latin music and learn to salsa during the day!

Bionic Bar:

Find the future here. Order your favorite drink from the tablets on each table and watch the bartender of the future

shake. stir, and move to the rhythm of techno music.

Schooner Bar:

Located on Deck 6 you will find the famous Schooner bar. Overlook the Royal Promenade while listening to live music, playing trivia or sipping a cocktail from your soon to be favorite bartender.

Rising Tide Bar:

Take a journey from the royal promenade to central park while relaxing in this elevating lounge.

Royal Theater:

Catch the headliner Broadway show, Grease, Royal's Columbus the musical, major comedy shows and the Newlywed game in this stunning venue onboard. The Royal Theater onboard Harmony is more technologically advanced and seats more than most theaters outside the main cities around the U.S.A.

Entertainment Place: Deck 4

Jazz on 4:

Enjoy phenomenal live jazz music while sipping a cocktail in this lounge designed specifically for jazz.

The Attic:

As a transformative venue, this serves as the comedy club to all guest comedians onboard and then once the late night comes around dance all night in the nightclub for adults only.

Casino Royale:

Try your luck at the Casino with slot machines, poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps tables. Spend all night or a few minutes, and maybe you'll win back all the money you spent on your cruise!

Studio B:(Better know as the ice rink.)

Catch an incredible ice skating show (currently 1885 or Iskate) or take part in the open skate times and ice skate your way across the Caribbean.

Boardwalk: (Deck 6)

The Boardwalk is more of a daytime neighborhood, but that doesn't mean you can't spend the night here.


The most innovative feature at sea is, without a doubt, the Aquatheater. As if a diving shows were not already incredible on land Royal decided to bring them to sea to WOW us all again. Catch two diving shows here throughout your cruise in addition to belly flop competitions, rehearsals, water jet shows and so much more.


Take your kids or discover your inner child with a round of ski ball in this Atlantic City themed arcade!


If you're up for a relaxing night, simply browse through the shops on the boardwalk and pick up all your Royal Caribbean gear to show off to your friends.

Central Park:

Live Sting Band:

Find a String Band under one of the glass canopies every night and enjoy a gentle breeze, beautiful music and a cocktail surrounded by live plants.

Trellis Bar:

Find incredible cocktails and the most raunchy bartenders at the Trellis Bar, don't forget to bring your sense of humor.


If you're feeling bougie browse through stores like Cartier and Bulgari, but don't forget to buy a gift for your favorite cruise blogger if you do😁.

Whatever you choose to do on your sea days you will not be bored. Lounge by the pool, explore your wild slide with the great activities, relax in the spa all day, shop amongst your favorite designers, witness incredible shows or just escape into a great book after all you're on vacation the choice is yours!

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