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First in Class, PRIMA Elevates a New Norwegian

For the first time in over a decade, Norwegian Cruise Line has a new class of ships. The Leonardo class of cruise ships was announced in 2017 and has been highly anticipated since. Norwegian PRIMA, the first in class, is now sailing from Port Canaveral, Florida, after a few months' inaugural showcase!

Norwegian PRIMA is Norwegian Cruise Line's first more petite new build after over a decade of larger and larger ships being introduced. Classes such as the Breakaway and Breakaway Plus classes stunned the world from 2013 with the debut of Breakaway up to 2019 with the debut of Norwegian Encore. NCL PRIMA comes in at 143,535 GRT,965 feet long, with a max capacity of 3,099 passengers.

An Elevated Experience:

Norwegian Cruise Line has always delivered a stellar experience that differs from other mainstream cruise lines, "Freestyle Cruising." With the introduction of PRIMA, that same idea was kept in mind but with an introduction to a more upscale landscape, or in this case, the ship. The elevated experience that PRIMA offers brings a refreshing experience to what one might be used to on Norwegian, yes more upscale, but you, the guest, still get to be as casual as you like. It's like going to an exclusive dinner party that calls for a suit and being the only one in a t-shirt, but this time everyone else showed up in a t-shirt, and no one is judging you.

Elevated Accommodations:

Now the staterooms on PRIMA, honestly, a WOW moment. A chic luxury design makes you feel like you're more so on a yacht rather than a Norwegian Cruise, with a King size bed that converts into two twins, a sprawling living space with a comfy couch, makeup/ desk space that is complete with mirror lighting that makes you not see the result of all airport travel. The balcony boasts a larger private area with cushioned seats that are low enough so that the pesky railing doesn't get in the way of the stunning ever-changing views! Most importantly, the bathroom is bigger. Yes, you read that right. The bathrooms on PRIMA are finally big enough for the average human, and we can all now shower without touching the walls!

Elevated Entertainment:

When I say "elevated experience," I mean everything. The entertainment on PRIMA is taken up a notch. From NCL-produced shows to the ICONIC Donna Summer musical, Norwegian has put its best foot forward in ensuring all guests experience Broadway-style entertainment while at sea. But, of course, let's not forget " The Price is Right at Sea." NCL brings this classic gameshow with a larger-than-life "PLINKO" game and real prizes, including cars!

Elevated Dining:

NCL has always allowed guests to dine when and where they wanted in both specialty restaurants and main dining being the first to rid the cruise industry of standard dining times. Reservations are now king while onboard and are made easy by the NCL mobile app! NCL has introduced a plethora of new dining options and reimagined the classics. On board PRIMA, you will find your favorite specialty dining options, such as Cagney's Steakhouse, Food Republic, Lebistro, Los Labos, and Onda by Scarpetta. Your complimentary favorites are back, including The Local Bar and Grill, Hudson's, and The Commodore Room, all featuring enhanced menus and distinct design updates!

New Complementary Options:

Norwegian has propelled its food offerings by introducing Indulge Food Hall. Although a small buffet is offered onboard PRIMA, Indulge Food Hall is where you will want to have Breakfast and lunch with this incredibly versatile venue. With buffets onboard cruise ships becoming increasingly less popular, Food Halls are making the perfect alternative! Indulge offers nine distinct food options: The Garden, Q Texas Smokehouse, Tamara, Seaside Rotisserie, The Latin Quarter, Nudls, Tapas, Coco's, and of course, one of the two full Starbucks locations onboard!

New Specialty Offerings:

Specialty dining onboard sometimes needs a better rep. Why pay more for dining when you already paid the cruise fare? Easy answer, because the food is AMAZING, and you're on vacation! Norwegian has added multiple new offerings to its specialty dining options.


Hasuki, NCL's new Hibatchai restaurant, lets you enjoy the incredible talents of the chefs while getting to know new people as you sit in a shared dining area. Then, enjoy and sprawling five-course dinner and show.

Nama Sushi and Sashimi

Nama Sushi & Sashimi:

An intimate experience with a venue of about 40 seats at max, tucked away in a corner that you can walk right by it. Nama Sushi & Sashimi offers a la carte sushi and sashimi with unique offerings such as Tapioca Chips and Pineapple Carpaccio!



Undoubtedly, the most upscale venue onboard PRIMA, Palomar, located in the center aft of the ship just under the funnel, offers breathtaking views with a menu to match! The epic sea views also come with an epic seafood menu to match. From refreshing Tuna Crudo to a Whole Fish for Two, Palomar wins the tastebuds award!

Mini Golf onboard PRIMA
Mini Golf onboard PRIMA

Enhanced Activities:

The largest go-kart track at sea comes to life onboard NCL PRIMA. For an upcharge, guests of all ages can zoom around this three-deck go-kart track while sailing at 20 knots through the Caribbean. Next, a nice game of mini-golf..... wrong. Play on one of the most interactive mini-golf courses at sea with true and false trivia, karaoke, and the chance to win a free cruise. Next, rent dart game suites, slide down the fastest slides at sea, or splash down on "The Wave," take the little ones to the kids' aqua park, and spend the night at "Galaxy Pavilion," Norwegian's virtual amusement park at sea!

Norwegian Cruise Line has propelled forward with an incredible elevated experience onboard the PRIMA class. Experience luxury at a moderate price onboard Norwegian Prima sailing from Port Canaveral, or Norwegian Vivia, coming Summer of 2023!

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